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Ministry of Energy of Kazakhstan and Russia to resolve prices for petroleum products

Kazakhstan and Russia will settle the price for petroleum products, Minister of Energy Kazakhstan Vladimir Shkolnik said during the governmental hour in the Majilis.
Nur-Sultan26 January , 12:09

"The situation related to the energy market, primarily with the provision of fuel and lubricants now has been stabilized. In December, we reduced the price of A-92 and diesel fuel twice. At the moment, the price of gasoline A-92 is 109 tenge", the Minister said.

At the moment, as emphasized the Minister, all storages are completely filled with diesel fuel (350 thousand tons) and gasoline (92 250 thousand tons) in the country. There is the accumulation for the summer period.

"Today we are faced with two problems. If cheap gasoline will come from the Russian Federation, it will stop the production of our plants, the loss of jobs", Vladimir Shkolnik said.

According to him, the Ministry of Energy of Kazakhstan works onresolving the system of relations. "Today, the delegation of the Russian Ministry of Energy is here. How to balance this situation that, from one hand, it will not stop our factories, and on the other hand, to provide a sufficient amount of cheap gasoline", Shkolnik said.

Kamila Amirova