State Program Information Kazakhstan 2020

Akmola region: 21% of public services got via e-government portal

Five of 19 public services provided by department of employment and social programs of Stepnogorsk city are available at e-government website.
Akmola26 January , 09:36

According to Akmola Media Ortalygy, it is a material support to disabled children studying at home (from 47 applications in 2014 - 14 received through the portal of "electronic government"); issuance of certificates to unemployed citizens (all 149 applications were received in 2014 through the portal of "electronic government"), issuance  of referrals to persons for participation  in active forms of employment assistance (388 of 1790 forms received through the portal of "electronic government").

According to the department of employment and social programs 1193of the 5655 applications on a competitive basis received through the web portal. It is  21%.

The information and communication technologies in Kazakhstan is developing in accordance with the strategic goals of the country and the State Program "Information Kazakhstan 2020". Kazakhstan has progressed significantly in the global rankings of the United Nations and the World Economic Forum. In 2014 Kazakhstan ranked 28th in UN Ranking on e –government.

According to experts, the progress in the field of e-government is due to effective policy of Kazakhstan, which aims to modernize and upgrade information technology.