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Baikonur continues final preps for launch of Spacecraft Resource-P №2

Specialists from the space industry enterprises prepare the launch of LV "Soyuz-2.1b" with the Russian remote sensing spacecraft Resource-P № 2. All activities are carried out in accordance to the Schedule.
Kyzylorda23 December , 16:47

In the assembly building site 112 specialists from JSC SRC Progress prepare the SC Resource-P № 2 to integrate it into the Ascent unit (AU). After encapsulation the AU will be transported to the site 31 and docked to the LV.

At the same time experts from the FSUE TsENKI - Space Center South are preparing the Launch pad 31 for the lift off of ILV Soyuz-2.1b, which will deliver into orbit the satellite  Resource-P № 2.

The Launch of the Resource-P № 2 is scheduled to  Dec. 26 2014 at 09- 55 p.m. Moscow Time, the Russian Federal Space Agency informed.