Kazakhstan model Heritage of our independence

Recognition of Kazakhstan on the world map - result of far-sighted work of Leader of the Nation

“Our country has the authoritative position in the political world stage due to the competent policy of the First President of the Republic of Kazakhstan,” Deputy director of the regional Chamber of Entrepreneurs of West Kazakhstan region Nurzhan Maksotov said during the interview to IA Strategy2050.kz
Kazakhstan30 November , 13:30

According to him, the fact that Kazakhstan has become recognized by the state on the world map for such a short period since the independence is a result of the ability of its Leader to feel the particular era and to understand the past, anticipating the future. As a visionary strategist, the President delivering the annual Addresses, takes into account all directions of socio-economic development, adjusting the tasks in accordance with the challenges of the time.

“The world community has ranged  Nursultan Nazarbayev  in class of the historic figures of the galaxy,” Maksotov pointed out.

"No wonder we're talking about a phenomenon of Nazarbayev. I think every citizen of Kazakhstan is proud of the country, the modern annals of which is inseparable from the name of its Leader - Nursultan Nazarbayev," Deputy director of the regional Chamber of Entrepreneurs concluded.