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Kazakhstan and Norway to establish coop in space sector

The questions of possible preventive maintenance of Kazakhstan’s satellite constellations of Earth’s Remote Sensing (ERS) at the polar stations in Norway were discussed during the visit of the representatives of Kazakhstan in Norway chaired by Advisor to the President of "Kazakhstan Garysh Sapary"A.Kazkenov.
World25 November , 11:48

“Space sphere became the new focus of cooperation between Kazakhstan and Norway, which can provide significant mutual economic benefits through the implementation of potential programs and projects in the field of scientific research and high technology”, Ministry of Foreign Affairs reported.

During the visit, the Kazakh delegation held the meeting with the leadership of the Norwegian Space Centre and the company «KSAT». The aerospace Committee of MID handed over a draft memorandum of cooperation between the Aerospace Committee, “Kazakhstan Garysh Sapary” and “KSAT”. The Norwegian Space Centre will consider the proposal of Kazakh side about the signing of the memorandum.

The representatives of the Norwegian company expressed the gratitude to the Embassy for assistance in the establishing of cooperation with Kazakhstan in the space sector. Vice President of the company M.Indregard was particularly interested in the introduction of the additional measures of state support to Kazakhstan, having given the prospects for cooperation of “KSAT” with our part.