Modernization of education system is main vector of human potential’s qualitative growth

Kazakhstan20 August , 00:00

Anchor - What can you say about modernization of our education system?

B.Zhumagulov - I would like to congratulate on the beginning of new academic year. Kazakhstan will increase the number of admissions for universities to study by four times in 2020.

We pay special attention to the scientists. We fully adopted the system of bachelor's, master's, PhD and finally overcame the long-term tendency of aging and reduce the quality of scientific personnel.

-Today, we are improving the mechanism of scientific training in accordance with the course of the industrialization of the country. By 2020, we will increase number of admissions to a PhD program by 4 times. So our high school system is on the rise and we consistently use best international practices to develop it.

-We still maintain quite a significant percentage of unemployed graduates of the college graduates, vocational education organizations and higher education institutions. The education system tracks their fate in a few months and then they drop out of sight. Today, therefore, it is necessary to create a new integrated system of support for youth employment.

-The program "Bolashak" brings Kazakhstan intangible assets. First of all, it is improving the image of Kazakhstan in the international arena. Second, the ideological factor ... It shows that education is a good social elevator for youth. Third, graduates of the program get social capital - personal communication with peers in the best universities of the world, that is, with the future of the world elite. This resource has the potential to be quite significant.