Sport and Physical Education is key to health

Kazakhstan20 August , 00:00

Chairman of the Agency of Sport and Physical Education Erlan Kozhagapanov is in the studio.


- According to the instructions of President, the number of people actively engaged in sport should be as high as 30 %. What kind of work is the agency performing in this direction?

• E. Kozhagapanov – The agency together with local administrations and other government agencies have taken measures to expand the network of children's domestic clubs , sports clubs , the creation of a sports club in every school. The focus is on popularizing the sport among the students, in order to create the sports reserve.

• Anchor - How much does it cost for Kazakhstan people to be in fit?

• E. Kozhagapanov - Unfortunately, today we are not talking about the availability of sports facilities, and a severe shortage. We have raised the issue of the necessity to construct  a sports and recreation complex in remote farms , districts, wards at the meeting of the Government.

• Anchor - How will this problem be solved ?

• E. Kozhagapanov - We will attract investors, philanthropists, businessmen, which is under the new law "On Concessions" will be in their districts and villages to build a sports and recreation complex.