Social modernization in terms of gender, family and demographic policy of Kazakhstan

Kazakhstan20 August , 00:00

Anchor -  Gulshara Abdykalikova, at the beginning of our conversation, I suggest you to talk about the III Eurasian Summit of Women , which ended recently in Astana. Tell me , what feature of the event, whether it was possible to come to a consensus of its participants

G.Abdykalikova - You know that there are periodically held such major events for women. Each event is probably dedicated to that period of time, the actual question asked during the given period. A few years ago, Women's Summit held in most of the implementation problems associated with the introduction of the OSCE, to promote women to achieve international standards. That III Summit is held in conditions of modern requirements. The Summit addresses issues related to the Customs Union, the role that women play in the implementation of the new tasks of the Customs Union. The issues of social modernization will actively be discussed at the summit.

Anchor - The opinion that women should be the center of the policy pursued by Kazakhstan's social modernization was announced at the summit. Do you agree with this?

G.Abdykalikova – Concerning the issues of social modernization, work and social categories, government agencies, all of society should be in the spotlight, because 52 % of our population is women. This is the majority of the population. If we want to implement the tasks associated with social modernization, which is impossible without the active participation of women. Women are working mostly in social sphere.

Anchor - Gulshara Abdykalikova, what is the prospect of the National Commission?

G.Abdykalikova - We have a strategy of gender equality till 2016. Under this program, the government adopted a special resolution on the implementation of gender equality in the next three years. We set ourselves the priorities at the moment. These are the issues of demographic plan, which is associated with early marriage, issues related to the suicides of young people. You should also consider the issues of life expectancy of men, it is shorter for 10 years. We want to work with the foundation of population aging issues.