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Astana population grew near 11 thousan over 7 months

24,301 people have come to Astana and 13,414 persons gave leaved tieb city in January –July 2014. The net migration was 10,887 plus people.
Nur-Sultan29 August , 19:23

"In January-June 2014 compared with January-June 2013 the number of arrivals in Astana stana increased by 65.6%, departures- increased by 48.9%. The main migration exchange city is realized  due to inter-regional migration,"  Department for Statistics of Astana informed.

Meanwhile, Astana has a positive migration balance with the CIS countries:  Uzbekistan (233 people), the Russian Federation (28 people), the Kyrgyz Republic (40 persons), Azerbaijan (7 people), Turkmenistan (6 people), Ukraine (5 persons) and Tajikistan (3 people).

Also a positive migration balance with China (136 people), Mongolia (30 persons), Turkey (10 people) has formed