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Zhakupova: People with disabilities could work from home (BRIEFING VIDEO)

“Internet allows people with disabilities to work from home,” Deputy Minister of Healthcare and Social Development Svetlana Zhakupova has announced at the CCS media briefing on Tuesday in Astana.
Nur-Sultan 26 August, 13:51

According to  her, job fairs take place across Kazakhstan. 

Efficiency is not very high as there are some nuances for expample the mood of persons ... The first is competitiveness. To be competitive  you need education. Yes, we have a demand for professionals with certain qualification requirements, and  it happens that a disabled person can not apply for a specific position, as he has no qualifications," Zhakupova informed. 

"The order of 45% of disabled people have no education at all, that is, at the secondary level, while about 20% have no desire to work, that is, live through disability benefits," - she said. 

Indira Kaumetova