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578 organizations of education will be connected to electronic system of training till the end of 2013

About 581 of Kazakhstan education organizations will be connected to system of electronic training "e-Learning" until the end of the current year, vice-Minister of Education and Science Murat Orunkhanov said today at a briefing of Central Communications Service.
Kazakhstan21 August , 00:00

"In Kazakhstan, 581 organizations of education are connected to the e-Learning project and up to the end we will connect 578 more organizations of education," M. Orunkhanov said.

According to MES RK, in 2014 electronic training will be introduced in 1,317 educational institutions, in 2015 1,311 organizations of education will join the system.

It should be noted that the establishments of education participating in the e-learning project are provided with access to the broadband Internet from 4-10 Mbps, workplaces of teachers in offices and a teacher's room are equipped with the personal computer equipment, the interactive equipment. Besides, at each school and college stationary and mobile computer classes, and also workplaces in library are organized.

Also within the project for pupils digital educational resources are created. In 2012, development of 7,043 electronic resources in 6 school subjects and 38 subjects of 8 specialties of colleges is conducted. In new academic year their introduction at lessons of chemistry, mathematics, physics, the Kazakh language with 2 on 11 classes will begin.