• Industrialization Map of Kazakhstan: over 120 projects to be implemented 10 July 2019 Kazakhstan has been undertaking the second five-year period of industrialization since 2015. Last year 102 projects worth 1.3 trillion tenge were launched as part of the Industrialization Map, thus over 13 thousand permanent jobs were created. What is the progress of today’s industrialization? Read more in the review by the
  • Kazakhstan seeks to join top 30 innovation ecosystems by 2025 25 June 2019 The Astana Hub International Technopark emerges as the national innovation ecosystem as experienced by Singapore, South Korea and Israel. In 2018-19 the Astana Hub’s IT startups attracted investments of around 29 billion tenge, while last year’s export of IT services totaled at 7.5 billion tenge, with the year-to-year growth rate of 150%. 261 startups underwent incubation, with the Technopark is at 100%. To know more about it, read the piece by the Information Agency.
  • Kazakhstan economy grows stable at 4% 11 June 2019 Based on the five months of this year, a positive trend in GDP retains, with GDP up by 4% and annual inflation of 5.3%, which is within the inflation corridor of 4.6%. The investment level outpaced the GDP growth, with the growth accelerated to 7.8%, up from 6.7% in the four months of this year.
  • Economics of simple things: entrepreneurs to take loans at lower interest rate 28 May 2019 In a bid to develop economics of simple things and support for export, in Kazakhstan the systematic measures to scale up the share of local content in public procurements are elaborated as well as model contracts on construction and design. This was known at the Governmental session. More on that, read in the piece of the Information Agency.
  • How much money do SEZs bring to the state budget? 21 May 2019 Total 12 SEZs (Special Economic Zones) and 23 industrial zones operate in Kazakhstan. All of them are provided with different preferences, with their participants enjoying a full package of tax and customs preferences. Read the article below to reveal more on SEZs and IZs in the country.
  • Government: Kazakhstan to boost non-primary commodities and services’ exports by 31.8% 16 April 2019 Exports of non-primary goods and services stood at US$23bn., 4.1% up, in 2018 with non-primary exports equaling US$15.7 billion, 0.9% up. Meanwhile exports of services rendered stood at US$7.3 billion in 2018, 12.3% up. Read the article below for more figures in exports of Kazakh non-primary goods and services.
  • Veterinary and phytosanitary policy: what Kazakhstan pursues 02 April 2019 Veterinary and phytosanitary security is of strategic priority in the country. Some positive trends are seen in this regard in Kazakhstan as a result of the measures taken by the country, making it possible to expand its export potential. Read more in the article below.