• Loaned life 10 October 2018 Saltanat Sarina Make-up editor Probably each of us had credit obligations at least once in life. In simple terms, paid a loan. Nowadays, the tendency to “live on tick” gains momentum and becomes more and more popular. In Europe and the USA, many middle-class people who have relatively regular income long ago came to the realization that there is no need to save every penny and wait for the moment when they can afford to make a desired purchase. It is much easier to go to a bank and borrow the deficient amount. In the end, many a man runs on tick household appliances, cars, houses, and then for several years are reckoned with the bank. But there are people who are not in a hurry or are not able to return borrowed funds. So, they are potential or already real victims of collectors. They risk property or health - not only their own, but also their loved ones.